Solar Flares vol. 1

by Bilal Abdulsamad

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Alicia Ellis
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Alicia Ellis Hi Bro! I love this album! Looking forward to more tunes Inshaallah! Blessings to you and your family!
Love & Light

Alicia Ellis
Sunli Favorite track: On n on.


released April 17, 2011



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Bilal Samadhi

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Track Name: The Best
Your the crown of creation. Your a blessing from MOST HIGH. Don't mind what nobody's say'n, just free up your mind.
You shall have the bounty of the earth, and all the good there in it. You shall have the better of the works the divine and splendid.

When the moneys gone, and the rent is due, and your mad as heck, don't know what to do, don't you dare give up, it aint over yet,
I need you to know you deserve the best.
You can have it too if you just believe, even all those things on the tv screen, if you want the world don't take nothing less,
its all here for you you deserve the best.
Any thing you want, every thing you need, you can drive that car if you use these keys, your a precious jewel how I must confess,
I need you to know you will have the best.

Your an angel so free in flight through the boundless sky, your the sun and its so full of light shinning so bright.
Your deserving gardens so paved with the moon and the stars,
and the waterfalls where in you bathe
nectorious light.

When your moneys low, and your feel'n low, don't know what to do, or witch way to go, you just hang in there and you will be blessed,
I want you to know you will have the best.
When ya think'n small, and ya feeling small like that little ant crawling up that wall, straighten up your back, and stick out your chest,
I need you to feel you can have the best,
and don't turn back,
you'll have it too,
thats a fact,
its up to you.
When they put ya down don't believe that mess,
I want you to know that you are the best,
and don't turn back,
you live out your dreams,
and thats just that,
you will truly see
don't you get so stressed cause its just a test,
I want you to know that you are the best.

YAH manifest the best never less, get that stress off your chest and just rest in the breath.
Rest in the breath?
Yep rest in the breath, life to the living dead to the death. Yep your a winner, no contest. Just know this, its time to focus, fold up in lotus, and smell the roses, when at your lowest, time to soak this all into ya brain, the grain of a mustard seed. if we trust in deed, its a must you see, not impossible, its how its supposed to be. YAHs close to me cloister than my juggler, I don't do it for the stuff its for the love of YAH ,
for the spirit and the father and the mother YAH, the creator JAH, I know there is no other GOD, even through any wether YALAH know ya you got me covered YAH.
Track Name: Silent Night
I pay the price, and roll the dice, I recognize. O silent night, o holy night, o sacred night.
YAHLAH I feel you right in front of me, so close I feel YAH love, JAH JAH I feel you in the heart of me. YAH holy spirit.
When you and I combine both heaven and earth did meet,
when you and I combine its the greatest thing that you'd ever feel.

Silent night, holy night, ama cut these lights out, and ama hold you tight, its on tonight,
we about to meditate, elevate, take it to the holy hight, its only right, we do it for the souls delight. Holy yikes, girl you look'n cold tonight, shoo you right, body like Saraswati, am in samadhi, now we do'n kapalbhati up in the party, after that we make'n salat see, then we listen to a speech from Haile Selassie, then we chant'n om namah vashi, give'n YAH the praise is how you show me you love me baby touch me.
Here in the heart am feel'n a spark, heal'n the parts of me that were still in the dark, shining a light, love'n and you timing is right, you brighten the night up cause you know your so out of sight.